WeatherPhilippines seals partnership with Manila Observatory

WeatherPhilippines Foundation formalized its partnership with Manila Observatory (MO) during a ceremonial Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) signing recently. The two organizations will work towards exploration of how the comprehensive data from WeatherPhilippines could be better utilized through research being conducted by the Manila Observatory.

Currently, WeatherPhilippines provide free, accurate, and localized weather data to the public and its existing partners in building a #WeatherWiser Philippines. The partnership will allow the integration of MO’s existing eighty (80) weather stations with WeatherPhilippines’ existing network of 839 AWS, making it a total of 919 AWS deployed in different locations all over the country. In return, WeatherPhilippines will provide the institution with its historical weather data for MO’s research purposes. Furthermore, WeatherPhilippines will also extend its usual partnership service, the provision of basic weather training (Weather101 and Tropical Cyclone 101) for MO’s staff, host communities, and beneficiaries.

“Our #WeatherWiser advocacy is perfectly aligned with Manila Observatory’s advocacy of promoting a science-based approach to sustainable development and poverty reduction,” said WeatherPhilippines General Manager Dave Valeriano. He added that this partnership would give WeatherPhilippines more leverage in weather data utilization, as MO is a prestigious research institution in the field of atmospheric and earth sciences. Consequently, the synergies brought about by this partnership will strengthen existing potential of both organizations. “Integrating their network of AWS into ours will further improve the reliability of our network and provide the general public with more access points for localized weather information in their area,” Valeriano added.


(From L-R) WeatherPhilippines General Manager Dave Valeriano, Manila Observatory Executive Director Dr. Antonio G.M. La Viña, JSD, Associate Director for Research Dr. Gemma T. Narisma, and Program Head for Air Quality Dynamics Dr. James Simpas during the ceremonial Memorandum of Agreement Signing.

Meanwhile, Manila Observatory’s Executive Director Dr. Antonio G.M. La Viña, JSD said that they have also looked forward to sealing this agreement with WeatherPhilippines. “We are proud of this partnership with WeatherPhilippines. We think that we can make a difference together and do good things for our planet and people,” Dr. La Vinã said.

WeatherPhilippines was organized in 2012 to empower communities to optimize weather knowledge in making informed decisions for disaster resilience. With the help of its wide network of Automated Weather Stations, WeatherPhilippines is able to pull highly localized weather data. It is made available through WeatherPhilippines channels – the website and WeatherPhilippines mobile app available for both Android and iOS.


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