WeatherPhilippines Daily Graphical Satellite Analysis from 5pm Feb 18 until 5pm Feb 19, 2017

The Northeast Monsoon (Amihan) has receded northward but will still bring cooler and cloudy skies with drizzles to light scattered occasional rains across Extreme Northern Luzon. Fresh breeze to strong breeze of 30 to 45 kph with significant wave heights of 1.5 to 2.5 m (Moderate to slightly rough seas) are expected to prevail along seaboards of Extreme Northern Luzon making the seas of the mentioned areas risky to small-sized sea vessels.

Meanwhile, a Wind Convergence (the meeting of Northeasterly and Easterly Trade Winds) will bring mostly cloudy to overcast skies with drizzles to scattered rain showers and sometimes with sudden downpour of moderate to heavy rains across the Rest of Luzon including Metro Manila.

The rest of the Philippines will have partly to mostly cloudy with isolated rain showers or thunderstorms in some areas especially in the afternoon or late evening hours.

Keep safe, everyone! #WeatherAlert #WeatherWiser

gsat_021817 Here is the latest daily graphical satellite analysis showing all tropical systems in and around the Philippines and the Western Pacific Basin. This is valid for the next 24 hours.

To view the NOAA IR Animated Loop, kindly click this image.

To view the NOAA IR Animated Loop, kindly click this image.

Important note: In the infrared (IR) satellite image shown above: BLUE areas indicate Clear Skies with a Few Clouds; GREEN = Partly to Mostly Cloudy Skies; YELLOW = Mostly Cloudy to Hazy Skies with Possible Slight-to-Moderate Rainfall; and RED = Thunderstorms with Moderate to Heavy to sometimes Extreme Rainfall.

24-Hour Observed Rainfall Accumulation (8:00 AM Feb 17 to 8:00 AM Feb 18, 2017)


Created by: David Michael V. Padua for WeatherPhilippines

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