WeatherPhilippines, ATI collab for #WeatherWiser agriculture

The Philippines, despite the rapid increase in its urbanization, it still primarily an agricultural country. Our agriculture sector contributes highly in the work force.

In terms of farming, it is important to note that practices are location-specific. This establishes a need for highly localized data to help farmers mitigate crop losses during extreme weather conditions. Consequently, the availability of accurate weather knowledge also increases farmers’ agricultural productivity through technical capabilities.

We in WeatherPhilippines seek to be a catalyst who will link farmers and agricultural Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to the weather technology and experts who fully understand weather conditions. These experts can help them interpret complex weather and climate information.

To fuel this initiative, we have established a partnership with the Agricultural Training Institute (ATI), an extension arm of the Department of Agriculture. ATI is mandated to train agricultural extension workers and their beneficiaries and lead the delivery of extension services for agriculture and fisheries.


Through this partnership, we will jointly formulate, prepare, and implement programs and projects that will strengthen the capacities of agricultural communities. We will be promoting sustainable agriculture through the use of weather information.

As we share and exchange knowledge for the benefit of ATI-supported agricultural communities, we will also be ensuring that they become safe, empowered, and sustainable communities.

Our partnership with ATI will push for the creation of technology-assister systems, whose main goal is to generate relevant weather information for the agricultural sector. Furthermore, we will also be promoting utilization of micro-weather conditions to facilitate site-specific agricultural decisions.


Lastly, we are looking forward to providing highly localized weather information for changes in agricultural practices, in the aim of making it suitable for the vagaries of weather and to adapt to market conditions for maximum financial gains.

From basic weather trainings, we are taking it up a notch by partnering with ATI for an inclusive collaboration that will empower the agricultural communities for us to have #WeatherWiser Filipino farmers.

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