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WeatherPhilippines Word Hunt


Answer Key:

  1. Lightning – created due to the difference of charges within a thundercloud or the ground.
  2. Thunderstorm – a local storm produced by a cumulonimbus cloud and usually accompanied by lightning and thunder.
  3. ITCZ – Intertropical Convergent Zone; area or zone where the northeast and southeast trade winds meet. It brings heavy rains in the country and triggers the formation of tropical cyclones.
  4. Thunder – sound created by lightning due to the sudden expansion of air around it.
  5. Rain – precipitation in a form of liquid water drops.
  6. Trough – extension of a low pressure area.
  7. Habagat – also known as Southwest Monsoon
  8. LPA – Low pressure area; initial stage of a tropical cyclone. It is where the trough/s are connected.
  9. Flood – hazard produced by extreme rainfall over a certain area.
  10. Typhoon – a tropical cyclone category with maximum sustained winds of 118 to 220 kph.

Source: American Meteorological Society Glossary of Meteorology (

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