Introduction to Weather

Three Major Weather Elements

Air Pressure

Pressure gradient force, coriolis, friction

Humidity And Clouds

Temperature and Heat Index


Tropical Cyclones

LPA and Buys Ballot's Law

Monsoons and ITCZ

Cold Front and Thunderstorm

Uplifting Mechanisms

Episode 1: Hello, La Niña!

The first episode, “HELLO, LA NIÑA”, introduces the major characters of the Weather Wizards: Tito Nilo, Tito Mike, Kuya Neil, Kuya Adonis, the WeatherPhilippines app, Pil D. Pig, and Mico Manok.

In this episode, Kuya Neil explains to Pil and Mico the science of rain, with the WeatherPhilippines app expounding on what causes La Nina. Tito Nilo also teaches Pil and Mico what to do and what to prepare in case La Nina or El Nino occurs.

Episode 2: Storm Surge

Be #WeatherWiser and learn all about typhoons and storm surges as Tito Mike, Kuya Adonis, Pil, and Mico save a community in this episode of the WeatherWizards!

Episode 3: Floods and Landslides

Pil and Mico learn about floods, landslides, and how to help the environment from the Weather Wizards. Join their latest adventure and be #WeatherWiser today!

#WeatherWizards Episode 4: Hachoo!

Oh, no! Pil and Kuya Adonis are sick! Is it because of the weather or the climate?

Weather? Climate? Are they the same? Let the Weather Wizards teach you the difference as well as how to cure your hachoo’s!

#WeatherWizards Episode 5: #WeatherWiser

Join Pil, Mico, and the rest of the Weather Wizards gang as they conclude their journey towards becoming #WeatherWiser!

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