Rain Alert Update No. 17 (As of 7:45 AM Nov 21, 2019) [FINAL]

The cloudiness associated with the circulation of Tropical Depression KALMAEGI (RAMON), its Trough and the Northeast Monsoon (AMIHAN) has already receded and will no longer bring moderate to extreme rainfall (30 to more than 100 mm) in any part of the country. Hence, the Rain Alert (Severe Weather Warning) previously hoisted are now terminated. 

Stay safe as always! #WeatherAlert #WeatherWiser

WeatherPhilippines has upgraded its features with a current warning menu. Within this menu there are wind and rain warnings. These warnings will give you color coded alerts depending on its severity. This will show you an overview of the entire Philippine map and quickly determine weather warning alerts. This feature is currently available and ready for use. Below is the Weather Severity Matrix.

To get detailed warning, select a particular weather station on the map and get more information on the warning alert.

Created by: Adonis S. Manzan for WeatherPhilippines

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