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    At the moment, there are strong rumours on Social Media, that a Super Typhoon, possibly stronger tha Yolanda, is approaching the Philippines. If so. Why are we still showing a Weather Video from last Wednesday?

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    Many thanks Kaye.

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    What has happened to the Daily regional Weather forcast. The one that gave the expected local weather, in three hour segments. For the current Day. plus the Days to come.
    It used to still be available on the old Web Site. But has now disapeared from there.
    All we have now is an overview of the current Weather situation. This can be up to two hours…[Read more]

    • Hi Chris! On the WPF Homepage, type in your location in the search bar then click on “View Full Information.” A pop out will appear to show the current reading, warning, and forecast. Scroll down, and click on the right arrow to show the 5-day forecast with 3-hour intervals. Let me know if you have additional questions. Thanks!

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    Just returned to Bohol from Manila.
    The Rain here is HORRIBLE!!

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