• Heinz posted an update 2 years, 11 months ago

    Thank you Josa for checking the stations for Ilagan City. I also looked at the map with the weather stations, everything is correct there. BUT the problem still exists: I live in Ilagan City (Isabela) and If I open the Weather Ph App on my iPhone as current location it is written Iligan City (but with the correct coordinates of Ilagan City) ?

    • Hi, Sir. We have coordinated with our app’s dev team and we were informed that sometimes, coordinates for certain areas are bugged for iOS. They are now working on an update to fix this. Thank you for your continued support. 🙂

    • Also, GPS reading of current location might be problematic. We suggest that for now, we manually add ‘Ilagan City’ to our saved locations. We have two active stations in Ilagan City: (1) Brgy. Alibagu (LPP Station) and (2) Brgy. Marana 1st (Pilmico).

      • Thank you Josa, I hope you can fix these problems. It is also necessary that the information in the App and the computer homepage are identical. Question: What does Pilmico and LPP mean?
        Suggestion: In the 5-Day forecast it would be more helpful to show the actual temperature instead of the Heat Index: The Heat Index is an Index that many people do not understand.

        • Thank you for your suggestions, Heinz. We are in the process of improving our mobile application through revisions. Your suggestion is duly noted. Pilmico is one of our partners (Pilmico Foods Corporation) and LPP stands for League of the Provinces of the Philippines.

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