Major corporations gain competitive edge with weather trainings

Whatever the season is, weather directly affects society’s demand for goods and services. Thus, knowing the importance of weather information enables a business organization to maximize gains and mitigate risks.

Recently, major businesses such as Globe Telecom, Citibank, and the Ayala group have gained considerable advantages in this aspect thanks to trainings they received from private weather information provider WeatherPhilippines Foundation.

This forms part of WeatherPhilippines’ strategy to develop a nation that is weather resilient by engaging not only communities but also businesses that operate around them.

During these training sessions held at Globe’s Risk Awareness Week 2018, Citibank’s Continuity if Business Forum, and Ayala’s Kapihan sa Ayala 2018, employees were introduced to smart and workable ways businesses could apply weather knowledge to their overall strategies. The half-day and whole day sessions called Weather 101 and Tropical Cyclone 101 covered the basic concepts, processes, and effects of different weather disturbances. It also tackled other areas such as the different rain-producing weather systems in the country.

1 2Meteorologist Redmund Nacario sharing basic weather insights during Globe Telecom’s Risk Awareness Week 2018

3 4During the Kapihan sa Ayala 2018, Meteorologist John Christian Lequiron was invited to talk about weather-related concepts.

5 7Citibank tapped WeatherPhilippines Typhoon Specialist Michael Padua during their Continuity of Business Forum.

“For businesses, initiatives that empower employees and build up their risk capabilities are definitely sound investments, and we are more than happy to provide these engagements. As WeatherPhilippines engages more businesses and communities, we also increase our leverage in achieving our goal of building a #WeatherWiser nation,” said Maribeth Marasigan, WeatherPhilippines First Vice President and Chief Operating Officer.


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