10 Indoor Activities During Rainy Season

Feeling a bit under the weather because of the rainy season? Or bummed out of your cancelled plans because of the rainy day advisories? Don’t let it ‘rain’ on your parade and dim your pocketful of sunshine by trying out these indoor activities during rainy season.


1. Devote your day to skin care.

Now is the time to try the different DIY hacks you have seen on YouTube or bookmarked from your favorite bloggers. You can go from a simple rejuvenating mask that takes about 10 to 15 minutes, or spend a few hours in a 10-step Korean skin care regimen. It’s up to you and your resources’ availability. Remember to research online and do patch tests before trying out new products on your face.Indoor Activities During Rainy Season

2. Play a ‘no batteries’ game.

Take some time off your computer or mobile screens and play a game that involves no devices instead. It could be your good old game of charades, or you can be creative and invent a new one. Count your family in!

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3. Movie marathon!

Since the weather is gloomy enough, queue up feel-good movies and grab your favorite microwaveable popcorn flavor. If you’re a movie buff, level up your movie marathon experience by creating your own “Film Festival” by setting up a specific theme and look for movies that will fit into it.

Indoor Activities During Rainy Season

4. Nap time!

As most of us have busy weekdays, unexpected cancellation of work or classes turn into instant opportunities to get an extra hour or two of sleep. With nothing much to do, especially if there is power outage, take this as a chance to pay some of your sleep debts incurred from binge watching your favorite shows.

Indoor Activities During Rainy Season

5. Catch up on your favorite shows.

Speaking of binge watching, why not catch up on your ‘To Watch’ list and maximize your Netflix subscription?

Indoor Activities During Rainy Season

6. Have a productive crafternoon.

Been trying to find time to redecorate but it seems way out of your budget? The Internet is a wide sea of creative ideas and DIY tutorials for redecorating all parts of the household. It would be best if you spend the morning organizing and sorting stuff that you don’t use anymore and repurpose them in crafty ways. Don’t know where to start? Head over to Pinterest, your go-to-place for anything DIY.

Indoor Activities During Rainy Season

7. Sweat it out.

Just because it’s raining outside does not mean you should stop from any physical activity. We all know that this weather calls for staying in bed, but if it will go on for days, you might as well maximize the comforts of your home to sweat your way to fitness. You can check mobile apps or YouTube tutorials that provide guides to exercising without the gym equipment needed.

Indoor Activities During Rainy Season

8. Or you can have an unplanned cheat day.

Have a fancy dinner without going over the budget by preparing a nice meal at home.

Indoor Activities During Rainy Season

9. Go online shopping!

Look for the latest deals offered by your favorite online shopping platforms. Insider tip: some of them release rainy day promos, especially for this season’s apparels, equipment, among others. Hoard your way and enjoy the convenience of having items you bought delivered to your doorstep, all without persuasive sales people trailing you along store aisles.

Indoor Activities During Rainy Season

10. Read a book while sipping on a warm drink.

Enjoy a good book that you have been trying to finish for sometime now with the sound of the rain slowly tapping on your windowpane. Make yourself cozier by preparing a warm drink (saving more money because you skipped your usual coffee shop fix today!)

Indoor Activities During Rainy Season

While doing indoor activities may be fun and will take your mind off some of your worries, don’t forget to constantly check on your friends who are in other rainy areas. The best way to do this is to keep their locations in your WeatherPhilippines mobile app’s dashboard so you can easily see if they are on higher alerts every time you swipe down to refresh it. Don’t have the app yet? Get it here for free: https://weatherph.org/mobile-app/.


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