Most Common Diseases during the Hot Dry Season

Recently, PAGASA announced the onset of the hot dry season in the Philippines. This officially starts the season for beach trips, outdoor recreations, and other similar activities that we enjoy while the weather is warm and vibrant.

However, the Department of Health warned the public to watch out for the following diseases that are most common during the hot dry season:


Skin Disease

Due to excess hit, skin disease is common during the hot dry season because sometimes, the skin reacts to changes in the weather. It could also be caused by irritants from public pools and beaches’ water that come in contact with the skin. You can avoid this by bathing regularly and practicing proper hygiene.

Diarrhea and Vomiting

Because of the increase in temperature, food prepared in advance for gatherings and outings are highly susceptible to contamination. If consumed, this may cause food poisoning, of which diarrhea and vomiting are some of the main manifestations. With this, we should all be wary of the food we consume and how we prepare and store them.


Sore Eyes

 Sore eye or conjunctivitis, is caused by an inflammation in the conjunctiva – the thin clear tissue over the eyes’ white part and also a lining inside the eyelid. Some of the common causes of sore eyes include the following: (1) viruses; (2) bacterial infection; (3) irritable substances such as shampoos, dirt, pollution, among others; (4) reaction to eye drops administered incorrectly; and (5) fungi. Some of the tips to avoid sore eyes include washing your hands thoroughly and often, and minimizing hand-to-eye contact.

Dog Bites

 Rabies continue to be on of the public health problems in the country,  making the Philippines one of the top 10 countries with rabies problem in the world. If you get bitten by animals, it is suggested that you wash it thoroughly with soap and water. Afterwards, consult with the nearest animal bites center to have your wound checked and attended properly.

Cough and Colds

From time to time, there could be vagaries in weather such as sudden thunderstorms. If caught unprepared, exposure to changing weather conditions can lead to sickness such as cough and colds. To get ahead of the weather, stay prepared by brining your rain gear with you and checking the WeatherPhilippines mobile app before heading out.

Heat Stroke and Heat Cramps

Heat stroke is caused by the body’s failure to regulate body temperature when exposed to excessively high temperatures. Meanwhile, hear cramps refer to the painful and involuntary muscle spasms that occur due to exposure to hot environments. Low fluid and electrolyte levels contribute to these two, so the number one tip to avoid these is to stay properly hydrated.


Because of the hot dry season heat, part of the skin problems that people could experience include sunburns. To avoid this, always wear a sunscreen at least 30 minutes before exposing your skin to the sun. It would be best to stay hydrated especially when staying outdoors. Lastly, it would be best to check the heat index to know the amount of heat that you will be exposed to when going out.

With all these diseases that we are prone to, it is best to follow these tips to avoid the hot dry season’s most common diseases. Staying ahead of the weather is another effective way and you can do this by downloading the latest version of the WeatherPhilippines mobile app here. Have a safe and enjoyable season, Weather Wizards!






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