10 Reminders to Enjoy the Hot, Dry Season

Finally, the most festive time in the Philippines has arrived! The hot, dry season has begun, which typically kicks off during March through late May. It is the time of the year when travelers and vacation-goers alike head to the popular destinations around the country.

However, there are certain things to keep in mind while planning a memorable trip with your family and friends. Here are some important tips for you to overcome the stresses and potential mishaps along the way:

Know your heat index

The heat index (HI) or “apparent temperature” is an approximation of “how hot it feels” for a given combination of air temperature and relative humidity (RH). Below is the heat and discomfort index table for your reference:

hot, dry season

Avert disaster by understanding the signs behind heat exhaustion that may lead to severe medical emergency such as heat stroke.

If you opt to stay in highly-urbanized areas, arm yourself with information about weather and its potential effect to your body. Remember that urban heat island effects (UHI) occurs during daytime and nighttime. We all know the urban landscape changes rapidly with continued human activity and development works in ever-expansive city centers. More and more urban regions reduce soil moisture and vegetation coverage, which further change the solar radiation redistribution in terms of latent heat fluxes (e.g. Bowen ratio), thus increasing surface temperature. Always check out the latest temperature forecast including relative humidity in a specific location.

There are tons of ways of enjoying the hot, dry season in the Philippines. Download the WeatherPhilippines mobile application and weather-check the areas before visiting your favorite destination. It pays to stay ahead of the weather by being #WeatherWiser!


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